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Do You Keep a Superreserve In Your Home?

21 Nov 2011 Ian McDonald 0 Comment

When you go shopping do you just buy the bare essentials, or do you like to stock up on the things you use so you won’t run out anytime soon?
According to a book called “The 28 Laws of Attraction” by Thomas J. Leonard, it is much better for your stress levels to have more supplies than you need, because by doing this you have a feeling of abundance and security in your life, which in turn makes you happier and more confident.
This isn’t hard to imagine when you think about that anxious feeling you can get when you realise you’ve run out of toothpaste or haven’t stocked enough toilet paper! Apparently all of these little stresses can add up, and yet they are so easily prevented by stocking up on the items that you always use.
You might not be able to do this with all of your household items (such as perishable food) and you don’t want to buy more than you can fit in your home, but by having those few extra everyday items in the house you might be able to save yourself those late night trips to the grocery store when you realise you’ve run out of something important.
A superreserve doesn’t necessarily just apply to groceries though. A superreserve can also be applied to extra savings in the bank, a full calendar of social activities or a full tank of petrol – having all of these things can help you feel relaxed and get rid of some of those everyday stresses.
So next time you go shopping, why not buy an extra toothpaste or packet of toilet paper rolls and when you go to fill your car up, why not fill the tank up completely? You may not feel that you need everything at once, but you will need it eventually so why not save yourself the trouble later?
I would love to hear others thoughts on having a superreserve – do you like to keep items on reserve to give yourself peace of mind, or are you happy to buy things as you need them?

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