Are Traffic Lights Needed At Main and Grant Streets Intersection?

Bacchus Marsh residents are currently calling for the installation of traffic lights on the corner of Grant and Main streets.
The busy intersection has about 22,000 vehicles travel through it daily and the traffic is becoming an increasing concern for the area.
There’s no question that Bacchus Marsh is growing and so before the problem gets any worse, something needs to be done to help ease the traffic in the area and make it safer for the shoppers in the area too.
At present, the Moorabool Council seems to agree that traffic lights would be a good option to help fix the traffic problem at Main and Grant streets, but further investigation would be needed.
The Moorabool Council is already in negotiations with VicRoads to try and come up with the best solutions for traffic in Bacchus Marsh, but hopefully something is done sooner rather than later.
What do Bacchus Marsh locals think about the intersection at Main and Grant streets? Would traffic lights improve traffic congestion in Bacchus Marsh?