Walls That Speak To You

How do you make the walls in your home speak loud and clear about you, and express your personality? Simple; colour, finishing, attention to detail and design all tell people a story about your home.
There are a number of simple yet effective ways to bring your walls to life and add the personal touch that may have been lacking previously. Pick and choose what suits you and start dressing up your walls!
Feature walls can express warmth and vividness in your home, but unless you’re doing a complete makeover and looking to update your current furnishings, make sure you choose a colour and wall that will compliment your existing furnishings.
Paintings or Prints are effective when hung on a wall that will allow them to be a focal point for the room. Having good lighting to help emphasise the painting will also attract people’s attention to the piece. Large paintings, triptych’s and photo canvases are all in vogue at the moment, so don’t be afraid to experiment to figure out what suits the wall best. If you can’t use something in one room, you might be able to use it in another. To save money, try doing it yourself – it’s as easy as covering a canvas with some material or paint, or taking your favourite photo’s to a printer who can print to canvas.
Texture can be added in a couple of ways – either by wallpapering or using a texture paint (but make sure you want this long term, because they are hard to paint over).
Hanging art is another way to show off your personality in a room. Hanging sculptures or pieces that compliment your existing décor often create a talking point in a room, and will definitely add to the atmosphere of your home.
My suggestion would be to do a combination of these ideas in your home. Remember that you can use contrasting colours and shades if you want to add vibrancy and depth, or use complimentary colours and pieces if you’re not one for being too bold (to start with anyway).
If you’ve had a go at this yourself, I’d love to see the finished products, so please feel free to post a photo on my facebook page!