Turning the Worst House on the Street into the Best House

Are you looking to sell your home but worried that it looks a little worse for wear? Or did you buy the worst house on the best street? Either way there are options to help you turn your ugly-duckling home into a swan.
If you are looking to jazz up the appearance of you house you essentially have 3 options, demolish and start over, renovate or simply refurbish and redecorate.
If you are going to go with the first option then know what you are getting yourself into. Rebuilding a home takes a lot of work, and you will need to get council approval. Rebuilding is also an expensive option to take, so ask yourself whether or not the home is salvageable and whether or not you can make a handsome profit with a nice new home on that particular spot of land. Remember too that if you build a new home on a street with old buildings that it might not quite fit in.
If you don’t think you need to rebuild, renovating is another option. Renovations and home additions can sometimes be as expensive as building an entire new home, but are often done because it is an easier way to hold on to home’s original character and charm. One major benefit of undergoing a renovation though is that it can be done in stages, so you don’t need one big outlay of funds.
If you are going to renovate a home make sure that you have a master plan, and if you are living in the home consider whether you can live through weeks or months without a proper kitchen, and with tradesmen at your house at 7am in the morning.