Love that new home smell? What is it doing to your health though?

I know of a lot of people that love that new car smell, but a lot of people also seem to like the smell of a newly built or renovated home.
Think about it, what’s the first thing you do when you walk into a newly built home? Do you take a deep breath?
Those smells you are breathing are most likely made up of things like paint fumes, bathroom silicones, tile glue or other chemicals used to finish a house and they may not be good for you health.
A lot of these smells will wear off eventually, but long exposure to them can be harmful to you and your family and a recent article we read described the problem as ‘off-gassing’.
So how you reduce the problem of ‘off-gassing’? The best thing you can do is try and ventilate your home before you move in and then after you have moved in continue to ventilate your house for a few more weeks.
Breathing in chemical fumes could cause problems such as nausea, respiratory difficulties, eye damage or even skin problems and that is why it is important to reduce exposure as much as possible. If possible maybe even wait until the building smells are mostly gone before you move into your new home.