Has anyone seen Bacchus Marsh – The Movie?!

Our beautiful Bacchus Marsh community is now a part of a DVD release by the Rotary Club of Bacchus Marsh, entitled “Bacchus Marsh 2010
The Bacchus Marsh movie goes over all of the different aspects of our town. If you watch the video you will see “a comprehensive view of the Bacchus Marsh township including the town’s entrance, Main Street shopping centre, churches, schools and education, sport and recreation, history and the arts, parks and gardens, town services, health and well-being, industries and employers, transport, local government and the future”.
The fantastic video was the idea of Rotary Club of Bacchus Marsh President, Geoff Camm, and it will help serve as an invaluable record of what our town is like today. I’m sure in many years time people will particularly enjoy watching the Bacchus Marsh movie just to see all of the changes that will no doubt take place over the years to come.
So if you want to learn more about Bacchus Marsh, have a keepsake of our area or maybe just show it off to friends who live far away, then you can purchase Bacchus Marsh 2010 for $15 at the Bacchus Marsh Library, the Moorabool Council Customer Service office or online at www.rotary.bacchusmarsh.org.au.