Showing Off Bacchus Marsh’s Natural Attractions

A new tourism brochure has just been released that aims to help sell the natural attractions of Bacchus Marsh and the surrounding region.
The brochure was unveiled by the Moorabool Council last week and they are hoping that the brochure will help provide visitors with information that will help them explore the beautiful forests, hills and springs in the region.
The brochure apparently opens out like a map and displays the key things to see and do in Moorabool.
Some of the natural attractions that are featured on the map include the heritage-river in the Lerderberg State Forest and the waterfalls in Lal Lal State Forest.
In Bacchus Marsh we really are blessed to live in such a magnificent region and so it’s great that some of our spectacular natural attractions are getting some more attention.
If you’re interested in seeing the new brochure, it can be picked up from the visitor information centre, popular tourism spots and Parks Victoria.