Cleaning Your Home: Time vs Money

One way or another, cleaning your home is costing you. It’s either costing you time, or it’s costing you money. So you need to weigh up which of the two you can afford, and which of the two you value the most.

Cleaning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there are simple things you can do to make the work feel less troublesome if you’re going to do it yourself. Time saving cleaning tips:
1 – Whilst you’re cooking try cleaning up as you go. Good cooks hate to do this, but by at least rinsing pots, pans and dishes straight away, food doesn’t get stuck on them making it harder and more time consuming to get off.
2 – Dust as you go. Old socks are great for this because as you walk down the stairs, you can run your sock covered hand over the banister to dust it. Run your sock covered hand over the door frame as you enter the room… just about everywhere you go, you can get your dusting done rather than have to make a separate chore of it.
3 – Roster the chores around the whole family. By changing roles and having set times and days to do things, you can get the jobs you’d normally do all at once, get done throughout the week. You may even offer a small incentive to kids to make it more rewarding for them.
Of course the bigger jobs are the ones that take up most of your time, so if you’re time-poor, you may want to think about using a cleaner. Freeing up your time to do other family things might be exactly what your family needs.
Cleaners don’t have to do everything, but the time consuming jobs like ironing, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the bathroom and doing the clothes washing could make a huge difference to your lifestyle.
The best option is to shop around and get quotes, sometimes the cheapest isn’t always the best, but then the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get more done for your money either. A cleaner isn’t necessarily expensive either. Interviewing potential cleaners is a great way to assess who you would have doing the cleaning in your house.
So which is it for you? Are you going to spend time or money on cleaning your house?