Western Water Does Its Bit To Help Combat Climate Change

After all the talk lately about saving energy and protecting our local environment, it’s great to hear that Western Water plans to become completely carbon neutral in six years time.
By 2017 – 2018, Western Water hopes to have done everything it can to help combat the issue of climate change.
Western Water have already started making progress to help reduce their carbon emissions by doing things such as using biodiesel fuel in vehicles, retro-fitting energy efficient technology in offices and depots and switching over to green power in offices.
But it’s not just companies that need to start thinking about reducing their impact on the environments – households also need to start thinking about what they can do to help combat climate change.
Tomorrow is Earth Hour and we are all being encouraged to turn off our lights from 8:30pm – 9:30pm to help spread the message about the importance of energy conservation.
This year though Earth Hour wants us to think about going “beyond the hour”. So come back to my next blogs and I’ll offer some tips on how you can help cut down on your energy use and water use in the home.