Thanks to the Victorian State Emergency Service

We aren’t even a third of the way into the year and what a horrific start it has been. With fires, floods, earthquakes, many lives and thousands of homes lost, it hasn’t been what any one would call a fine start to the year.
But one thing that has become truly apparent through all of the tragedy and trauma, is how much our emergency services in Australia do – they really deserve a huge amount of gratitude for all of the hard work they have done for everyone this year!
I would like to formally acknowledge the State Emergency Services around Australia and especially the Victorian State Emergency Service (VICSES), for the extremely hard work they do to ensure the safety of our communities.
For those of you who don’t know much about VICSES, they are a volunteer based organisation with over 5,500 volunteers who provide assistance and response to floods, storms, earth quakes and roadside rescue. They are on-call 7 days-a-week, 24 hours-a-day, and volunteers have to pack up and leave their families alone in the midst of a natural disaster in order to help local communities. 
So, I would like to extend an enormous and appreciative thank you to the Victorian State of Emergency Service, as well as everybody else who has helped around Australia – for all of your efforts this year and in the past. You have helped keep many communities safe in times of disaster.
If you’d like to thank the State of Emergency Services in Australia for their dedication and assistance this year you can do so too by following this link, and if you’re interested in joining the SES you can attend the Bacchus Marsh Unit meeting every Tuesday.

 Phone the SES on 5339 1122, or visit their website for more information.