From Fires to Floods – Victoria’s Wild Weather

Australia has certainly had its fair share of bad weather lately and I’m sure most Bacchus Marsh residents, along with other parts of Melbourne and Victoria, would like a break from heat, severe rainfalls and flooding!
Some Bacchus Marsh residents have been unfortunate enough to experience flooding during January and now in February too! Last weekend our town experienced some of the heaviest rainfall on record and flash floods like some of us have never seen before!
It’s so surreal to think that over the past 10 years or so our country has been in drought and now we’re contending with floods!
But while we clean up and deal with the wet weather the most important thing is that we all remain safe!
To do this, it helps to stay informed! Listen to the news, check the local Moorabool Shire Council website and check weather updates.
There are currently roads around town that have been closed and that might contain hazards so also be careful when travelling.
2011 hasn’t exactly gotten off to the best start weather wise, but let’s hope the weather will settle down for the remainder of the year.