Don’t Judge A House By Its…

When you’re looking for a home to buy, the best looking home isn’t always the best investment. A lot of buyers are turned off homes that might look a little dated or need a bit of renovating, but in reality these homes could end up making you a fortune and could end up looking great.
So what is putting you off about a property? Can it be easily fixed?
A dated kitchen – Old bench tops and tiles of the 70’s can make for a sore sight, but there are a lot of options for updating kitchens. One option is to paint over the old cupboards and bench tops (though this is a short-term fix) or you can investigate the option of a flat-pax or Ikea kitchen.
Retro walls – Painting interior walls would have to be one of the easiest ways to make a home feel fresher, newer and brighter. If you do it yourself you can save lots of money too!
Daggy carpets – Old or stained carpets can definitely make a home feel dated, but updating them may be easier then you think. If there are hardwood timber floors underneath your carpet, then you can give your property a new lease on life simply by ripping up the carpet, and then sanding and polishing the floor boards underneath. If you prefer carpet or tiles though, then shop around, you may find some bargains!
Old appliances – If it’s appliances that are putting you off a potential purchase, then these are often easily updated. Have a look at websites like for lots of great bargains or try trawling through discount appliance stores. Just make sure you check electrical, plumbing and gas fittings before updating the appliances.
As you can see there are lots of ways to quickly and cheaply improve a house that may not look so great on first glance. Just be careful not to overcapitalise and to calculate all of your costs before deciding that you want to buy a home that needs fixing up.
If I’ve inspired the renovator in you then stop by the Professionals Arbee Real Estate office and I’ll help you find your dream “doer-upper” home.