Checking Smoke Alarms

Now that we are well and truly in summer and it is of the most dangerous times of year for fire risk, there is no time like the present to ensure that your home has adequate smoke alarms installed.
Smoke alarms should actually be checked monthly and it is important that batteries are replaced at least once a year. You will know when the batteries are running low when your smoke alarm starts making a quiet and consistent beeping noise (and possibly driving you mad) until you replace the batteries.
If you don’t like the battery powered smoke alarms though, there are also hard wired smoke alarms available (they are connected to mains power with a battery back-up). There are also smoke alarms designed specifically for kitchens, caravans or those who are hearing impaired.
Even just the smoke from a fire is highly toxic, so it is so important to have smoke alarms in your property to alert you as soon as possible so you and your family have time to escape.
So don’t waste any time or risk putting your family’s life in danger – go and check that your smoke alarms are working now!