Should you be present for your own open home?

I am often asked by vendors whether or not it is suitable for them to be present at their property’s open home. Some people prefer to be there while others would rather stay away.
A lot of real estate agents will probably advise their vendors to not be present because of the chance of hindering the sale, but it’s equally likely that they could help the sale too.
If you would like to be present at your open home though, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost you need to be prepared for the fact that potential buyers may criticise your home. Everything from your choice of paint colours to your garden beds is up for judgement so make sure you have a thick skin.
Some people may be happy to hear some constructive criticism on their home though, so if this sounds like you then you might enjoy being present for your open home.
But it’s not just your feelings you need to consider, it’s also that of potential buyers. Some buyers may feel uncomfortable with the owner present and may be less likely to give the home a good look around.
There are some buyers out there who might prefer having the owner on hand though, so they can ask questions about the property and the area. If you know yourself to be a people person then you may even be able to help encourage the sale.
At the end of the day being present at an open home is totally up to you and how comfortable you feel about being there. Be honest with yourself, and if you are unsure ask for your real estate agent’s opinion and advice.