Do You Need a Mortgage Broker?

There are a lot of home buyers on the property hunt in Bacchus Marsh this year and a lot of them have been asking me for advice about the best home loans.
I’m no home loan expert, but I can understand how it can be daunting looking through all of the different home loan products available and trying to decide which one is right for you.
For those who are confused about their home loan options, the services of a mortgage broker can be extremely helpful. If you don’t know a lot about home loans or don’t want the fuss of having to research them for yourself, then a mortgage broker might be for you.
If you find a good mortgage broker they can help you save time and money with their negotiation skills and they may also be able to help you get approved for loans that otherwise wouldn’t have if you went to a lender by yourself.
Not everybody needs a mortgage broker though. If you have done some home loan research and are confident you’ve found the best home loan for you then you probably have little need for a mortgage broker. There is nothing wrong with going directly to a lender and if you are confused about the home loan process I’m sure they will help walk you through it.
Whether you decide to use a mortgage broker or not though, just make sure you don’t settle for any terms or conditions you feel uncomfortable with and negotiate until you get a home loan that meets all of your requirements.
If you would like to start researching home loans right now then a useful home loan comparison website is