Keeping the Bacchus Marsh Community Safe These Holidays

Bacchus Marsh is generally a very safe community to live in, but around the holiday period sometimes we can all get a little silly and carried away with festivities.
So while I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday breaks, I thought I would put out some reminders, to make sure the Bacchus Marsh community stays safe:
  • A lot of people go away over the Christmas/New Year period, which leaves a lot of homes unoccupied. If you know that your neighbor has gone away for the holidays then do the neighbourly thing and keep an eye on their home. If you notice anything untoward make sure you report it to the police.
  • Make sure your pets are kept indoors or in a safe place during fireworks. Dogs and other animals sometimes get startled by fireworks, and have been known to run out on the streets, putting themselves and motorists in danger.
  • Even though the message is everywhere, it is so important that we don’t drink and drive. If you think that you might be over the limit, stay where you are until you sober up. There will be a strong police presence in Bacchus Marsh so make sure they don’t catch you driving when you shouldn’t be.
  • Lots of local residents like to hold parties at this time of year, but if you do it’s polite to let your neighbors know so they are prepared for people coming and going from your residence and possible loud music.
Let’s hope that the Bacchus Marsh community all remain safe this holiday season and look out for each other so we can all have a great time too.