A Pet is not the best Christmas Gift

Everyone loves it when they get a new puppy or kitten, and while a new member of the family sounds like a great gift for Christmas, we should think twice before putting a new pet under the Christmas tree.
At this time of year a lot of people think that a pet is a good idea but unfortunately that means that a lot more pets end up being abandoned because they have been given as gifts to recipients who don’t have the time or capability to look after them. If you intend on giving a pet as a gift to someone you know then it is so important to first make sure that the new owner will be able to care for their new pet.
Pets don’t suit everyone’s lifestyle. For instance if someone is renting, or if they live in a small house, then a pet probably isn’t going to be suitable for them.
You also need to take into account how much time and resources the pet owner has. Pets are expensive and time consuming – you need to take them to the vets, play with them and they all need lots of general care and attention.
So while pets can make great gifts and put smiles on your loved ones faces this Christmas, it is so important to think about your responsibilities first and whether or not a different type of gift might be more appropriate.