The Problems With Mansion Living

Who would have thought there could be pitfalls to living in a million dollar luxury mansion? Well according to British lottery winners, the Chester Family, apparently there are!
Living in a mansion with all those extra rooms some of us can only dream about, such as an indoor pool, cinema and a sauna means for the Chester family that they have a hard time actually spending time with each other. Perhaps there is such a thing as having too much room?
Then there are the other practicalities of living in massive mansion such as keeping the place clean! I know how much effort goes into keeping a regular house clean and tidy so I can’t even imagine how much work would be involved in a 7.3 hectare estate such as the ones owned by the Chesters.
Apparently when you have such a huge estate it isn’t easy catching up with the neighbours either, because they just live so far away.
I can certainly understand some of the impracticalities of living in a much larger home, and maybe we all only need so much room in a house. But then again I’m sure many of us would be quite happy to take the Chester family’s problems for a day.
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