Roads vs. Streets

Have you ever thought about the difference between living on a road as opposed to a street? To be honest it isn’t really something I had consciously considered, but maybe the naming of our thoroughfares deserves more thought, especially with the news from that houses are generally worth more when they are found on streets compared to when they are found on roads.
But what is the difference between a street and a road? I’m sure many people would use the terms street and road synonymously with each other. In case you were curious though, here is what wikipedia has to say on the matter:
                ““a road, like a street, is often paved and used for travel. However, a street is characterized by the degree and quality of street life it facilitates, whereas a road serves primarily as a through passage for road vehicles or (less frequently) pedestrians. Buskers, beggars, boulevardiers, patrons of pavement cafés, people watchers, streetwalkers, and a diversity of other characters are habitual users of a street; the same people would not typically be found on a road.”
The above I think lends a good description, and if a street is more a thoroughfare used by pedestrians, and a road more for vehicles then that could definitely help explain the price differences between the two terms. But we need to remember that sometimes labels are simply applied to street types to help people navigate through the area, or who knows maybe even just because it sounds good. 
Whatever the difference between the thoroughfares though, statistics say that street addresses on average are worth $10,000 more than road addresses.
But what if you live on an avenue, esplanade or parade? Well all the better, because these thoroughfare types have been found to be worth as much as $400,000 more than a street. Route and highway addresses however don’t fare so well.
Let’s just keep in mind that these are just average prices, and of course what will really influence prices are things like traffic volume, noise levels, street parking and the neighbourhood.