Renting With Pets

Trying to find a rental home when you have a pet with you can be hard work. It’s hard enough sometimes just finding a rental for yourself, let alone your lovable Fido too. But while it is true, not all rentals will allow pets, some landlords are more accommodating than you might think.
In Bacchus Marsh there are a lot of animal lovers. If you are looking to rent and have an animal involved just be upfront about it. Let the real estate agent know so they can tell you straight up whether or not a residence allows pets, so as not to waste your time on pointless inspections.
When on your rental hunt apply for houses over units and townhouses, as they will be bound by body corporate rules that may specify ‘no pets’.
If you want to rent with a pet, it may also help your case if you do up a “resume”, outlining your pet’s health and any training. If you have lived in a rental home with the same pet before, maybe you can get a reference written for them too.
If you are trying to rent in Bacchus Marsh with a pet and aren’t having any luck, get in touch with the rental department at Arbee Real Estate and we’ll try and find a pet friendly rental for you.