Melbourne Gets Bigger

There is no avoiding the fact that Melbourne just keeps on growing. It’s getting so big in fact that an Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) has been announced to extend Melbourne by 43,600 hectares.
The UGB will mean further development for areas like Casey, Whittlesea, Wyndham, Hume, and Melton to help create more houses to accommodate all the new people wanting to live in and around Melbourne.
But for Bacchus Marsh being approximately 50km away from the centre of Melbourne, I think we still have a while before we have to worry about waking up with the city at our doorstep. After all, many people move to Bacchus Marsh for the lifestyle and our beautiful country atmosphere and to get away from the tall buildings.
Nearby development can be a good thing though, and will hopefully mean better access to new facilities and infrastructure for our area.
The new housing developments will also help ease Melbourne’s housing shortage and hopefully this will mean more affordable housing down the track for those trying to get into the property market.
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