Neighbours Help Influence Property Prices

The saying must be true – there’s nothing like good neighbours, especially according to a recent story from
Apparently having good neighbours can help not only your sanity, but also the price of your property.
For apartment blocks and unit complexes this is definitely that case, as most strata record searchers will include the friendliness of the building when calculating an apartment’s value.
But you can definitely see how a peaceful and friendly community can help influence property prices. Many after-all, want to live in a community where they like the people.
Having a good neighbour always comes in handy, whether you’re after a cup of sugar or someone to collect the mail while you’re away on holiday. Plus knowing that you have a friend next door always makes you feel that bit safer.
So if you haven’t already today, go out and say hi to your neighbour and start making your community one you want to live in!
Are you friends with your neighbours?