Myki Rolled Out on Trams and Buses

The new myki ticketing system just started in trams and buses this week, leaving some commuters excited and some perhaps a little confused.
Myki is a new reusable “smart card” that can be used instead of Metcards, however it looks like there might be some teething problems to sort out before everyone takes it up.
From what I have read users of the myki system have experienced broken myki machines, delays in being able to touch their cards on and off and there is also confusion over the pricing system.
Others however have found the new myki card system a delight to use. The myki system has been operating on trains for several months now, and some commuters like the fact that they never have to worry about having spare change in their pocket like you would need for a paper ticket.
Apparently the myki system hasn’t had many people taking it up yet, but I’m sure over time and as people get used to the system it will become more popular.
Have you started using the new myki tickets, if so do you prefer them to Metcards?