Bacchus Marsh to Be a Major Business District in the Future?

Bacchus Marsh looks set to hit the big time and it is predicted that our little town might one day become a major business and residential hub, according to demographer Bernard Salt anyway.
Due to more and more people realising the potential of Bacchus Marsh and the room for development, Mr Salt believes that Bacchus Marsh is a prime location to help grow business and ease the pressure off of Melbourne City.
Mr Salt stated that while he didn’t think that Bacchus Marsh would be seeing a future such as this for about another 10 or 20 years, it is still a future that is definitely on the cards.
While it would be great to have the extra business and resulting economy boost in the area, I’m not sure how welcomed it would be by locals.
Many come to live in Bacchus Marsh to get away from the city lifestyle and to enjoy the peace and quiet, so I’m not sure how local residents would react to Bacchus Marsh becoming a business hub. Retaining our area’s unique character is very important and hopefully this would be a consideration of any new major development.
What do you think? Do you want Bacchus Marsh to become a key business hub?