Construction planned for the Avenue of Honour

Well there has been a lot of controversy going around lately regarding the new roundabout set to be built on the Avenue of Honour, and quite frankly I’m not sure how I feel about it!

The Avenue of Honour (sometimes referred to as “the tunnel of light”), is a 3.3 kilometre stretch of trees which were planted in 1918 to commemorate and honour those who served for us in World War 1.
The $200 million dollar proposal is to extend Woolpack Road, north of the Avenue of Honour, to a new full interchange on the Western Highway, and the 25 metre roundabout would replace the already existing intersection on Woolpack Road.
It is said that the benefits would include less traffic, especially because trucks would no longer have to go through the town, healthier trees along the avenue, a full interchange on the Western Freeway and room for further development of Bacchus Marsh Road in the future.
But do these benefits override the violation of a war memorial? The experience of driving from east to west along the avenue would be lost and up to twelve of the old elm trees would have to be removed for construction.
We have been told that the plaques of the trees affected would be replaced as close as possible to where they were previously and new trees would be planted around the roundabout, but is that the point?
It seems the people of Bacchus Marsh support progress in the town but I think there must be a better way about it.
While the council has assured us that this plan has been specifically designed to affect the least amount of trees along the avenue as possible whilst still allowing for huge economic progress, myself and the team from my Bacchus Marsh real estate office are still undecided on whether the roundabout is for the better or for the worse!
Already a Facebook Fan Page has been created in hopes of protecting the Avenue of Honour from what is being called “vandalism” and the public are being encouraged to submit a form which would put the avenue on the Victorian Heritage Register before April 20.

What do you think? Is the project for the good of the community, or is there a better way of going about it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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