Water running out for Bacchus Marsh Fruit and Vegetables!

As we all know fruits and vegetables are a big part of Bacchus Marsh life, but our fruit and industries could be in strife because our water supply is running out!

As a resident of Bacchus Marsh this is a serious concern and one that needs to be dealt with promptly. Reports suggest that there’s only a few weeks worth of water supply left due to the drought, as well as diminishing groundwater and service water in the Pykes Creek and Merrimu reservoirs.
Bacchus Marsh requires 10-15 megalitres of water a day to allow our farmers to keep growing healthy lettuce which we supply all around the country and even overseas, so this isn’t just something that affects local residents.
Councilors have been in talks to try and resolve the problem with ideas such as water trading or other long term solutions. There is also a possibility if a $50 million pipeline being built that will be able to supply water to Bacchus Marsh but this decision is in the hands of the Government.
The Bacchus Marsh vegetable industry is crucial to the community of Bacchus Marsh and without it we would not only be losing a part of our town’s character but also at least 600 jobs and profits of more than $114 million.

I hope that a solution can be reached soon so that the Bacchus Marsh fruit and vegetable industry can remain thriving and strong but until then I will keep you updated!