Life was meant to be easy Campaign

In the regions of Bacchus Marsh, Ballan, and Gordon, we are blessed with being surrounded by beautiful gorges and forests, open spaces and friendly towns and people (and we aren’t too far from Melbourne city). While for a long time we have wanted to keep this magnificent location all to ourselves, we have decided it’s high time that we share it and let others know how great it is living here with the “Life was meant to be Easy” campaign.

“The Life was meant to be Easy” campaign is being run by the Moorabool Shire Council to market our region’s “life, livability, lifestyle, location and affordability”. If the campaign is a success it will mean great things for our local areas as we’ll see an increase in population which will help to drive economic growth as well.
The campaign will be running ads on Facebook and targeting specific demographics and will run for 6 months. Last year this same campaign was run and was found to be very successful.
Already in its first week this year (18th-26th January) the campaigns ads on have gathered 666,306 views and 319 ”click throughes” to the "Life Was Meant To Be Easy” website which has some great links to information on the Bacchus Marsh lifestyle, Bacchus Marsh real estate and heaps more.
Hopefully this campaign is a success and we see plenty more neighbours moving into our beautiful region some day soon, because they would be crazy if they didn’t!