Victorian Councils using the web to check pool safety

When it comes to pool barrier laws you better comply in Bacchus Marsh, otherwise big brother might just catch you out.

It seems that our local Victorian Councils are using technology to monitor whether or not people are complying with council laws. Websites such as Google Earth, Google Street View and real estate websites such as are being used to check the safety of pool fencing in particular.
Councils in Victoria are resorting to checking up on people’s houses online because there is no legislation in place that allows for regular inspections of the safety of pools.
The safety of pools is an important issue and everybody should make sure that they are complying with regulations so that we can prevent drownings and accidents in residential pools. We should all make sure that our pools and fences are safe regardless of whether or not we think we are getting checked up on.
Many people in the council are calling for more stringent regulations on pool safety just as Queensland has recently done, however many are concerned about the cost. Some residents also may not be happy to comply with regularly letting somebody onto their property to check their pool fencing conditions.
So what do you think? Would it be a good idea to have mandatory pool inspections in Bacchus Marsh rather than having the council check up on us online or should we trust that people are following the pool safety regulations? Let me know your thoughts.
Source: Melton Leader