Technology and Real Estate

The real estate industry is always changing and that is why here at Professionals Arbee Real Estate we always strive to keep on top of the latest technology… so that we can run our business as possible for our customers.

There’s all sorts of new things coming up in the real estate world that have become popular in places like North America and I can see them being used here some day soon too.
A few things that are starting to pop up here now are video tours of properties and better engagement with the community through mediums like blogs and also connecting through Facebook and Twitter.
Another pretty cool new advance for the real estate biz which I’m hoping will come down under some time soon is RFID (radio frequency identification) chips. RFID chips will be used at properties to help identify them and give buyers easier access to information.
So say you are driving by a property that you’re interested in, all you’ll need to do is scan the "for sale" sign for instance and all that properties information will come up, such as photos, videos and descriptions. This will save everyone lots of time because you won’t need to call up the real estate agent to can find out more about the property.
With smart phones becoming more and more popular now and internet services improving, it’s already much easier for those looking for properties as they can find all the information they need instantly.
I don’t think that technology will ever replace real estate agents though; it will just help us to serve your property needs even better. There’s yet to be any gadget that knows the area inside out and can tell you everything about a property and the real estate market in the same way that the team here at Professionals Arbee Real Estate can!
If there’s anything that you would like to know about the ever changing world of real estate or if you think there is a topic I should discuss then let me know by commenting or connecting with me on Facebook and Twitter.