New Residential Homes Planned for Bacchus Marsh

In order to help residential growth in the Bacchus Marsh area, planning is now underway for a new housing estate which should see our area’s housing market reach new heights.

The new estate will be cover 171 hectares of land between Griffith St/Balliang Rd and McCormacks Rd and is set cost $778 million to build.
This housing development is exciting news for Bacchus Marsh, being the biggest development that we have had in 20 years. Coupled with that, the housing estate will be able to cater for 3500-4000 new residents as well as creating 1200 jobs that will be needed for its construction.
Developments like this one are bound to bring about positive changes in the community such as improving the local economy and offering Bacchus Marsh residents more choices when it comes to housing. 
The Moorabool Shire Council and the Victorian Government have had these housing plans in development to help sustain the growth in the Bacchus Marsh area and it is estimated that our community will grow by at least 8,500 people in the next 20 years.
Construction on the new housing estate is due to start late next year. You can find out more about the planned development in Bacchus Marsh by reading the Moorabool Shire Council website. Have your say by leaving me a comment below, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.